River Legacy Arlington | Engagement | Lindsey + Josh

Arlington Engagement Photos

These two beautiful creatures were referred to me to me by one of my old buddy's, Chris and his wife Jamie. I knew that if they were good friends of theirs, they were soon to be good friends of mine. When I met with Lindsey at a local starbucks, as we were chatting I was smoothly leaning my chair back as I do all too often, of course with my luck, my chair leg slips off the edge of the patio and I fall back into some shrubs. I kind of rolled out and pretended like nothing happened, like that's going to work. One of the funniest consultations I've ever experienced!

As I was figuring out where to photograph Josh and Lindsey's engagement photos, I realized I had never photographed a couple at one my all time favorite parks, River Legacy. I knew right then this was OUR spot. I could have hiked through the woods ALL DAY with these two. Josh had ironically already been there (around the same time as me) earlier that same day, so needless to say it's a favorite park of theirs as well. As we walked around to different locations, I really got to know these two. They're such kind, sweet, funny, and caring people. I had a feeling we were in for such a treat the day of their wedding.